Finch Therapy is a non-invasive muscle-activation technique that relieves chronic pain fast and effectively.

What is Finch Therapy?

Chronic pain in your bones, joints and muscles can be unbearable – your sleep is disturbed, you constantly feel tired, rundown and moody. As a result of this you are unable to participate in sport or enjoy your daily life.

Finch Therapy involves gentle, non-invasive and effective muscle activation techniques that treat chronic pain quickly. It gets you back to living your life and enhances athletic performance too.

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What are the benefits?

It can release people from long-term chronic pain, enhancing your mobility, preventing injury and improving your sporting performance and overall quality of life. Ultimately, it gets you back to living your life or enjoying your retirement years sooner.

It improves overall body alignment. There is less wear and tear on your muscles and joints following Finch Therapy and as a result it decreases muscle aches and pains.

It can save you money by reducing your dependence on regular treatments. This is because it takes less than five treatments to complete at home through self-management and provides long-lasting results.

Step 1

We first assess the source of pain to enable us to identify the most effective treatment in reducing your pain fast and preventing its return.

We do this through orthopaedic testing for joint range of movement such as shoulder, hip and spine. We also look at pelvic function, leg length differences and spine mobility.

Step 2

Finch Therapy uses muscle activation techniques to reduce tension on joints, muscles and the nervous system; improving and encouraging the normal working function of joints and promoting muscle strength and restoration.

These techniques are low-grade muscular contractions and are generally non-painful to perform. It does not use manipulation or mobilisation techniques of the spine, making it a reassuringly safe therapy.

Step 3

We will also give you 1-3 simple and quick exercises to do at home that will only take a short time. This will help to re-educate your body to prevent symptoms from reoccurring.

Our self-management approach decreases the amount of visits required to your Finch Therapist, thus saving you time and money.