Morningside Remedial Therapy offers complementary forms of physical therapy to help you manage pain, prevent injury, and enhance your physical performance.

Our clinic

A qualified massage therapist since 2004, Finch Therapy specialist Robyn Robson is the Principal of Morningside Remedial Therapy. Massage therapy is an industry that Robyn absolutely loves and she gets great satisfaction from relieving the tension from chronic pain sufferers.

Robyn learnt the ground-breaking Finch Therapy from its founder Kim Finch in 2007, as part of her development therapy classes. Robyn was instantly enticed by the gentle, non-invasive but highly

Since then, Robyn has become a trailblazer for this innovative solution to treating chronic pain as a stand-alone treatment. She utilises this life-enhancing muscle activation technique to ensure her clients leave her clinic feeling far better than when they arrived. It also includes some simple, time and money-saving muscle activation techniques that you can do at home: a self-management treatment that enables you to manage chronic pain yourself.

Her relaxing and soothing home-based clinic has it’s own separate reception room and is idyllically located next to Brisbane City Council’s Seven Hills Reserve.

Robyn’s open and honest approach, coupled with her Finch Therapy expertise guarantees a genuine level of care and trustworthiness that will make you feel confident that you’re in good hands.

“She is a saviour in times of need! One very quick and effective treatment and my pain is eased, clicks and creaks are gone and I can get back to my busy life without the added stress of muscle pain. She genuinely cares about me and my health. She always lets me know she’s only a phone call away if I’m in a pain crisis, and always manages to slot me in when I need an emergency appointment! She’s like a second Mum!” Alex