Morningside Remedial Therapy offers complementary forms of physical therapy to help you manage pain, prevent injury, and enhance your physical performance.

Our Services

Morningside Remedial Therapy treats chronic pain with Finch Therapy, Remedial Massage and Rock Taping, helping you manage pain, prevent injury, while enhancing your physical performance.
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Finch Therapy

Finch Therapy

Finch Therapy treats chronic pain fast and increases your mobility. It can release people from long-term chronic pain and reduces their dependence on regular treatments.

In our clinic, we use gentle, non-invasive and effective muscle activation techniques. We will also give you 1-3 simple and quick self-management muscle activation techniques to do at home.

Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage

Finch Therapy essentially re-sets the muscles, changing their length and restoring the natural balance your body needs to function well, without pain.

Once your body is in correct alignment, we can give you a deep massage to reinforce the changes made to the muscle length and tension.



Kinesiology taping uses rocktape to reduce muscle tension and join pain. Rocktape is applied to the surface of the body to lift the skin and promote normal fluid flow in the tissues.

This activates the body’s ability to regulate muscle activity, while improving communication and feedback loops between different parts of the body and the brain.

Our Rates

The initial consultation with Robyn is $120 with follow up appointments at $70.

10% concession discounts available for children and pension card holders.

In some cases, you may be required to use Bolsters as part of your treatment, which will cost no more than $15.