Remedial Therapy in Morningside

Chronic pain in your bones, joints and muscles can be unbearable – your sleep is disturbed, you constantly feel tired, rundown and moody. As a result of this you are unable to participate in sport or enjoy your daily life.

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What is Finch Therapy?

Finch Therapy involves gentle, non-invasive and effective muscle activation techniques that treat chronic pain quickly. It gets you back to living your life and enhances athletic performance too.

It also includes some simple, time and money-saving muscle activation techniques that you can do at home: a self-management treatment that enables you to manage chronic pain yourself.

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How everything is connected…

Why we treat your body as a whole, not just the painful areas.
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Corporate Wellness Program

Absenteeism in the workplace can have a marked effect on the overall productivity and from there the company bottom line. Are you looking to reduce absenteeism due to physical issues such as back pain, headaches or migraines?

We now offer in house 30-45 minute information sessions where we’ll come and present to your team to help them in their wellness journey.

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